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Denture Implants in London and Strathroy at Gillooly Denture Clinics

Denture technology has come a long way and offers patients a suitable alternative to missing teeth. However, dentures can still be uncomfortable and interfere with eating and tasting your food and your ability to speak clearly, which can lead to a lack of confidence. At Gillooly Denture Clinics, we are denturists specializing in denture implants at our London and Strathroy offices, making every effort to stay current with the types of implants available.

A denture implant is a biocompatible, artificial tooth root made of titanium to which your bone will attach itself, providing a natural-looking crown for the support you had with your natural teeth. Implants are known to increase stability, function, and aesthetics, and preserve the integrity of the bone.

They are permanent and easy to maintain, and eliminate unnecessary movement and pain associated with dentures. Contact our team today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

Implants Are an Investment in Your Health

When teeth are missing, the surrounding bone begins to shrink. This unhealthy bone loss can hinder denture stability, and your face shape can begin to change. Denture implants can help prevent deterioration of the jawbone.

Solution #1 - Fixed Detachable Overdenture

  • Looks, feels, functions and is cleaned like natural teeth
  • Maintains the integrity of facial structures and lip support
  • Bone deterioration is eliminated
  • Easy to clean
  • Designed to be permanent

Solution #2 - Patient-removable Overdenture

  • Preserves patient's bone and facial contour
  • Implants are splinted to share biting loads and to add strength
  • Denture will not "tip"
  • Maxillary dentures can be made into a palate
  • Bone is loaded properly during function and the ridge is maintained

Solution #3 - Retentive Anchor Overdenture

  • Relatively inexpensive restoration. In some cases, the patient's exact denture may be modified and used
  • Easier for your denturist to restore
  • Requires fewer visits
  • Soft tissue aesthetics or phonetic concerns are reduced

Catering to Your Denture and Implant Needs

At our London and Strathroy offices, we offer denture and implant treatment.

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