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Premium Dentures in London and Strathroy

At Gillooly Denture Clinics, we offer quality premium dentures in our London and Strathroy offices, which instill confidence and provide optimum function while eating, speaking, or laughing.

With sophisticated instrumentation, we can record all your facial information to recreate the character of your smile and restore the natural contour of your lips and facial muscles.

Premium denture teeth are used to reflect light through several layers that mimic natural teeth. The quality materials resist wear, chipping, and staining.

State-of-the-art equipment is used to form the denture base. The unique Ivocap injection system compensates for the shrinkage of conventional denture bases. This will ensure a great fit that is more comfortable and will enhance eating and speech.

BPS quality dentures are the standard for aesthetics, comfort, fit, and function.


Other Denture Services

Gillooly Denture Clinics provides relines and soft liners for current users of dentures.

We also make custom athletic teeth guards for young and old patients involved in sports, and offer anti-snoring devices. We also give advice and tips on the care and adjustment of your dentures.

Gillooly Denture Clinics welcomes new patients – no referral necessary!

Contact the team at Gillooly Denture Clinics today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

Serving Your Denture Needs in a Calm Environment

Our denturists will go beyond to make you feel relaxed

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